Permitted Firearms and General Equipment Rules

  1. General Rules applicable at all club functions:
    1. Black powder only
      1. Caplock, number 10/11 or musket cap
      2. Flintlock
      3. Wheelock
      4. Snaphaunce
    2. Can use single or double set triggers
    3. All firelocks must have a “half cock” position or equivalent to render the gun safe and the trigger ineffective
    4. Open sights, buckhorn sights and peep sights all fixed without assistance of optics – No open fiber optic sights
    5. The peep sight itself has existed longer than the firearm. Crossbows dating from the dark ages and middle ages had peep sights on them. Therefore, peep sights predate firearms. Old Germanic, English and some American arms can be found with peep sights on them, but they were always rare. There is no readily available peep sight made today that are copies of those found on the old flintlocks. They do have to be handmade. As a result, the Florida Frontiersmen does not allow peep sights for any final shoot off of the Alafia River Rendezvous or any object match because the gun would not be correct for the period (pre-1840). We do, however, have a more permissible policy for general monthly shooting on our paper ranges. 
    6. Period Correct Peep Sights
      1. To be used on the Trade gun range, a smooth bore, flintlock with a front beaded sight or blade only
      2. Round ball with patch – no sabots and/or formed conical projectiles – all loading must be done from the muzzle not the breach. See exceptions for cartridge matches at State events. Buckshot must be used on the shotgun range.
      3. No brass or paper cartridges can be used to load firelocks on any range
      4. No inline black powder rifles and/or pistols can be used on any range
      5. Navy, Colt and other revolvers of the mid-1800’s, can be used provided that only one cylinder is loaded at a time.
      6. Spotting scopes and tripods are permitted when set up behind the loading tables on the paper range. No modern spotting scopes are permitted on primitive and woods walks.
    7. Wooden loading and supply boxes are preferred but modern boxes are accepted.
    8. Only black powder or its equivalent such as Pyrodex is permitted.  NO SMOKELESS POWDER will be permitted during a Florida Frontiersmen event.  Powder charges must never exceed the maximum safe volumes as published by the arms manufacturer or the Range Safety Officer in charge.  Heavy charges are not necessary for punching holes in paper targets.