Stop by and visit with us at our next scheduled match. We will be delighted to show you around, meet the members, and provide news & history of our club.

Men, women’s & junior black powder percussion or flint rifle, Trade gun, and pistol matches using patched round balls are held monthly. These are competitive matches with pins & ribbons awarded monthly, and medallions quarterly.

Getting started in Muzzleloading –NMLRA LINK

Florida Frontiersmen, Inc. Muzzleloading Ranges

  • Only black powder or its equivalent such as Pyrodex is permitted.
  • Round ball with patch – no sabots and/or formed conical projectiles – all loading must be done from the muzzle not the breach. Buckshot must be used on the shotgun range.
    • Caplock
    • Flintlock
    • Wheelock
    • Snaphaunce Lock
  • Open sights, buckhorn sights and peep sights all fixed without assistance of optics – No open fiber optic sights
  • All muzzleloaders must have a “half cock” position or equivalent to render the gun safe and the trigger ineffective
  • Smooth bore, flintlock with a front beaded sight or blade only used on the Trade gun
  • Spotting scopes and tripods are permitted when set up behind the loading tables on the paper range. No modern spotting scopes are permitted on primitive and woods walks.
  • Navy, Colt and other revolvers of the mid-1800’s, can be used provided that only one cylinder is loaded at a time.
  • No inline black powder rifles and/or pistols

Link to > NMLRA’s How to Load a Muzzleloader

Link to >FFI’s Range Rules, Scoring, and Safety


Instructor: Dave Sipes

Videographer: Scott Hoffmeister

Alafia Shooting Rules

Range Safety-1

Range Safety-2

Loading Safety Rules