Registration & Fees Info

All you have to do is register and pay your fees. 

Everyone who wishes to compete in a NMLRA Territorial is eligible.

Those who are NOT members of the NMLRA or NRAwill pay a higher registration and aggregate fee. They will be eligible for all awards at the Territorial to include the Top Gun award for that Territorial and for overall Top Gun of the year.

CompetitorsMUSTshow a valid NMLRA, NRA, or Junior Shooter’s Cardto be eligible for the reduced registration and aggregate fees.

Non-members of the above mentioned organizations will be required to pay the increased registration and aggregate fees.

NMLRA memberships may be purchased at time of registration. This purchase will extend the competitor’s current NMLRA membership or effect a new membership. Membership application forms will be available at the registration desk.

Registration forms MUSTbe completed before the competitor can be issued targets.

Entry Fees*

A registration fee of $10.00 per shooterwill be charged for those who are members of the NMLRA or NRA.

Sub-junior, Junior and Intermediate competitors are required to pay a registration fee of $1.00 for each Territorial. Aggregate fees will be free of charge.

For those who are NOT members of the NMLRA or NRA,the fee will be $14.00per shooter.

The entry fee per aggregate shall be $10.00 for membersof the NMLRA or NRA. Non-members of these organizations will be charged a fee of $ 14.00 for each aggregate.

Individual matches may NOT be entered.

*Fees are set by NMLRA.