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American FoodThe Gastronomic StoryEvan Jones1975American Cookery387
History of the American RevolutionInc American Heritage2003American Revolution (1775-1783)384
The Trapper's BibleTraps, Snares, & PathguardsDale Martin1987Animal Traps72
America's Premier Gunmakers: WinchesterK.D. Kirkland2004Antiques & Collectibles112
ArcheryWayne C. McKinney1975Archery166
Classic CrackerFlorida's Wood-Frame Vernacular ArchitectureRonald W. Haase1992Architecture114
Paintings & SketchesCharles M. RussellCharles Marion Russell1993Art32
The Drums Would RollA Pictorial History of US Army Bands on the American Frontier, 1866-1900Thomas C. Railsback,John Phillip Langellier1987Bands (Music)63
The History of Beer in AmericaBill Yenne2007Beer History159
A Midwife's TaleThe Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary 1785-1812Laurel Ulrich1991Biography & Autobiography444
Slaves in the FamilyEdward Ball1998Biography & Autobiography505
Scottish FirearmsClaude Blair,Robert C. Woosnam-Savage1995Black Powder Muzzleloading52
The Art of Making Primitive Bows and ArrowsD. C. Waldorf1985Bow and arrow52Paula Lance3/28/22
Scotch AleGregory J. Noonan1993Brewing185
The ReservationsTime-Life Books1995Business & Economics192
The CeltsNora Kershaw Chadwick1991Celt History301
The Mighty ChieftainsTime-Life Books1993Chiefdoms184
Jonathan ChapmanThe Appleseed ManMolly Bridger199Children's History16
The Constitution of the United States, with Case SummariesUnited States1979Constitutional law157
James Beard's Treasury of Outdoor CookingJames Beard1960Cooking282
Fifty from the TrailThe Best Cowboy Cooking from a Timeless LandPhilip Morris Incorporated2005Cooking, American121
Complete How-To Book of Indiancraft68 Projects for Authentic Indian Articles from Tepee to Tom-tomW. Ben Hunt1973Crafts & Hobbies192
Indian Crafts and SkillsAn Illustrated Guide for Making Authentic Indian Clothing, Shelters, and OrnamentsDavid R. Montgomery1985Crafts & Hobbies215
Indian HandcraftsC. Keith WilburCrafts & Hobbies
Knots, Splices and Rope WorkAn Illustrated HandbookA. Hyatt Verrill2006Crafts & Hobbies104
Mountainman Crafts and SkillsAn Illustrated Guide to Clothing, Shelter, Equipment, and Wilderness LivingDavid Montgomery1981Crafts & Hobbies239
North American Indian ArtsAndrew Hunter Whiteford1970Crafts & Hobbies160
Tan Your Hide!Home Tanning Leathers & FursPhyllis Hobson1977Crafts & Hobbies135
The Art of RiggingContaining an Explanation of Terms and Phrases and the Progressive Method of Rigging Expressly Adapted for Sailing ShipsGeorge Biddlecombe1990Crafts & Hobbies155
The Book of BuckskinningWilliam H. Scurlock1982Crafts & Hobbies203
The Book of BuckskinningWilliam H. Scurlock1982Crafts & Hobbies203
The Book of Buckskinning VWilliam H. Scurlock1989Crafts & Hobbies250
The Book of Buckskinning VWilliam H. Scurlock1989Crafts & Hobbies250
The Book of Buckskinning ViiWilliam H. ScurlockCrafts & Hobbies
Threads of LifeA History of the World Through the Eye of a NeedleClare Hunter2020Crafts & Hobbies352Barb Boger3/26/2022
Chair Caning & Seat Weaving HandbookIllustrated Direction for Cane, Rush, and Tape SeatsSkills Institute Press2012Crafts & Hobbies31
The Book of PapercuttingA Complete Guide to All the Techniques with More Than 100 Project IdeasChris Rich1993Crafts & Hobbies128
Rag Rugs16 Easy Crochet Projects to Make with Stripe of FabricSuzanne McNeill2014Crafts & Hobbies48
Paper Panda's Guide to PapercuttingL. Firchau2016Crafts & Hobbies144
Making Chair Seats from Cane, Rush, and other Natural MaterialsRuth B. Comstock1988Crafts & Hobbies44
Beads to BuckskinsVol 1Peggy Sue Henry1988Crafts & Hobbies96Nicole Mills3/15/2022
Traditional Indian CraftsMonte Smith1986Crafts & Hobbies96Nicole Mills3/15/2022
Traditional Indian Bead & Leather CraftsMonte Smith1986Crafts & Hobbies100Nicole Mills3/15/2022
Beads to BuckskinsVol 2Peggy Sue Henry1989Crafts & Hobbies96
The Technique of Porcupine-quill Decoration Among the North American IndiansWilliam C. Orchard1982Crafts & Hobbies82
Muzzleloader Magazine's the Book of Buckskinning IIWilliam H. Scurlock1992Crafts & Hobbies264
The Book of Buckskinning IIIWilliam H. Scurlock1991Crafts & Hobbies236
The Book of Buckskinning IVWilliam H. Scurlock1991Crafts & Hobbies236
The Book of Buckskinning VIWilliam H. Scurlock1991Crafts & Hobbies216
Learn to LucetAn Ancient Cording Tool Perfect for Knitters Crocheters and All Fiber ArtistsJennifer Hansen2017Crafts & Hobbies88Paula Lance3/28/22
Brother of the WolvesJean Thompson1978Dakota Indians159
New England SamplerArchitectureinc Home Planners1993Domestic Architecture383
People of the Ice and SnowTime-Life Books1994Eskimos192
The ExplorersRichard Humble1979Explorers176Michelle Stefani3/3/2022
People of the LakesKathleen O'Neal Gear,W. Michael Gear1995Fiction798
Primitive ToolsMaking and Using ThemJohn McPherson,Geri McPherson1991Flintknapping48
Map and Guide to Ft. Ancient, Warren County, OhioThe Largest Prehistoric Fortification in the Mississippi ValleyWilliam Corless Mills1920Fort Ancient (Ohio)28
British Drums on the Southern FrontierThe Military Colonization of Georgia, 1733-1749Larry E. Ivers1974French & Indian274
The European ChallengeTime-Life Books1992Frontier and pioneer life192
The American Heritage Book of the Pioneer Spirit Pioneer Spirit TheRichard M. Ketchum1959Frontier and pioneer life
The Museum of the Fur Trade QuarterlyVol 3, No 3 Fall 1996Museum of the Fur Trade1996Fur trade16
Official Guide to Colonial WilliamsburgMichael Olmert1985Guidebooks159
Visiting Our Past. America's Historylands. (Ed. Ross Bennett. Publ. By) National Geographic Soc. (Rev. Ed.).America's history landsNational Geographic Society (U.S.)1986Guidebooks400
How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine, and CraftsFrances Densmore1974Herbal Medicines119
Sergeant Lamb's AmericaRobert Graves1986Historical Fiction339
Wilderness EmpireA NarrativeAllan W. Eckert1969Historical Fiction753
Betty ZaneZane Grey1935Historical Fiction249
Light a Distant FireLucia St. Clair Robson1988Historical Fiction415
Post CaptainPatrick O'Brian1990Historical Fiction496
The Spirit of the BorderZane Grey1974Historical Fiction281
Algonquians of the East CoastTime-Life Books1995History175
Hunters of the Northern ForestTime-Life Books1995History184
Meet Andrew JacksonOrmonde De Kay1967History87Michelle Stefani3/3/2022
People of the Western RangeTime-Life Books1995History192
Taverns and Drinking in Early AmericaSharon V. SalingerHistoryDon Boger03/05/2022
The Buffalo HuntersTime-Life Books1993History192
The Indians of CaliforniaTime-Life Books1994History192
Tribes of the Southern PlainsTime-Life Books1995History184
Tribes of the Southern WoodlandsTime-Life Books1994History176
Women and Men on the Overland TrailJohn Mack Faragher1979History281
Blennerhassett Island Souvenir Visitor GuideHerbert L. Roush, Sr.1995History38
Jamestown and the Founding of the NationWarren M. Billings1991History144
The Clans and Tartans of ScotlandR. R. McIan1989History8Paula Lance3/28/22
The Journals of the Expedition Under the Command of Capts Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri ...Vol 1Meriwether Lewis, William Clark1989History547
The Journals of the Expedition Under the Command of Capts Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri ...Vol 2Meriwether Lewis, William Clark1989History547
A Shining Time Vol III The The Horse Soldiers, Part 1 The Dragoons 1776-1849Ted Spring1994History100
My Folks Don't Want Me to Talk about SlaveryTwenty-one Oral Histories of Former North Carolina SlavesBelinda Hurmence1984History103
The PioneersTime-Life Books1974History240
After ColumbusThe Smithsonian Chronicle of the North American IndiansHerman J. Viola1990Indians of North America288
America's Fascinating Indian Heritage The First AmericansTheir Customs, Art, History and How They LivedReaders Digest1978Indians of North America416
American Indian Myths and LegendsRichard Erdoes,Alfonso Ortiz1984Indians of North America527Paula Lance3/28/22
Atlas of the North American IndianTom Biracree,Carl Waldman1985Indians of North America276
Language and Art in the Navajo UniverseGary WitherspoonIndians of North America
The American Heritage History of the Indian WarsRobert Marshall Utley,Wilcomb E. Washburn1977Indians of North America352
The First AmericansG. H. S. Bushnell1978Indians of North America144
The First AmericansTime-Life Books1992Indians of North America183
The World of the American IndianNational Geographic Society (U.S.)1974Indians of North America399
Through Indian EyesThe Untold Story of Native American PeoplesReader's Digest1995Indians of North America400
Touch the EarthA Self-portrait of Indian ExistenceT. C. McLuhan1971Indians of North America185
View from the Medicine LodgeJim Great Elk Waters2002Indians of North America236
Giving Voice to BearNorth American Indian Rituals, Myths, and Images of the BearDavid Rockwell, David L. Rockwell1991Indians of North America224
The Native AmericansThe Indigenous People of North AmericaColin F. Taylor, William C. Sturtevant1991Indians of North America256
Lore of the Great TurtleIndian Legends of Mackinac RetoldMichigan. Mackinac Island State Park Commission1970Indians of North America50
Indians of the Southeast: Then and NowJesse Clifton Burt,Robert B. Ferguson1973Indians of north america, southern states304
Plumbers Don't Bite Their FingernailsBill Bair1991Journalists143
Leatherwork ManualAl Stohlman,A. D. Patten,J. A. Wilson1969Leatherwork160
The Journals of Lewis and ClarkA New SelectionMeriwether Lewis,William Clark1964Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)384
Country Wisdom & Know-howEverything You Need to Know to Live Off the LandStorey Books2004Living Off the Land480
The Long Hunter's Sketch BookJames A. Hanson2003Making Long Hunter Kit48
A Shining Time1835-1875: The Hunter and Plainsman Vol iiTed Spring1994Mountain Man100
Songs for Informal Singing Set IIVariousMusic14
Songs for Informal Singing Set IIVariousMusic14
Black Powder GuideGeorge C. Nonte1981Muzzle-loading firearms255
Black Powder Gun DigestJack Lewis1982Muzzle-loading firearms256
Black Powder Gun DigestDan Cotterman1977Muzzle-loading firearms288
The Complete Black Powder HandbookSam Fadala1979Muzzle-loading firearms288
Dixie Gun Works, Inc.A Salute to the House Brothers and the "American Tradition" Handmade RifleTurner Kirkland2010Muzzle-loading Firearms686
Start MuzzleloadingAn Introduction to the Black Powder SportIan Phillips1988Muzzle-loading firearms116
Black Powder GunsmithingRalph T. Walker1978Muzzleloading Gunsmithing288
Lock, Stock and BarrelAntique Gun RepairR. H. McCroryMuzzleloading Gunsmithing
Eric Sloane's Weather AlmanacEric Sloane2005Nature247
The PiratesDouglas Botting1978Pirates192Michelle Stefani3/3/2022
The ConquerorsA NarrativeAllan W. Eckert1981Pontiac's Conspiracy, 1763-1765828
Living HistoryDrawing on the Past: a Re-enactor's Sketchbook of Artifacts and SightsCathy A. Johnson1995Reenacting Notes134
The Spirit WorldTime-Life Books1992Religion176
The Brigade Of The American Revolution Soldiers ManualRobert E. MulliganRevolutionary WarRichard Holgate08/06/2023
The American Heritage Book of the Book of the RevolutionInc American Heritage1958Revolutionary War384
Stories of Old St. AugustineVirginia Edwards2005Saint Augustine (Fla.)80
Colonial WilliamsburgEdward B. Singer,Smithmark Publishing1991Science64
The Darien DisasterJohn Prebble1978Scott American History366
18th-Century HighlandersStuart Reid1993Scottish History48
Celtic ConnectionsThe Ancient Celts, Their Tradition and Living LegacyDavid James1996Scottish History128
The Clan AlmanacAn Account of the Origins of the Principal Tribes of Scotland, Illustrated with Examples of the Tartans Adopted by EachCharles MacLean1990Scottish History144
Bonnie Prince CharlieAlan Bold1992Scottish History20
Golf, a Royal and Ancient GameRobert Clark1984Scottish History100
Historic Haunts of ScotlandContaining a Popular Account of Over Seventy Places Famous in the History of ScotlandAlexander MacLehose1936Scottish History409
Mary, Queen of ScotsAntonia Fraser1969Scottish History613
Rob Roy MacGregorGilbert J. Summers1986Scottish History32
Scottish HighlandersCharles MacKinnon1992Scottish History272
Scottish KingsGordon Donaldson1992Scottish History208
Sketch Book 56, Vol. IIIThe Highlanders and Provincial RangersTed Spring,George A. III. Bray1984Scottish History71
TartanThe Highland HabitHugh Cheape1991Scottish History72
The Folklore of the Scottish HighlandsAnne Ross1993Scottish History174
The New Highland Military Discipline of 1757, Etc. [Illustrated.].George Grant (Author of "The New Highland Military Discipline.")1967Scottish History32
The Scottish Highland Games in AmericaEmily Ann Donaldson1986Scottish History253
Florida Seminole Wars Heritage TrailsFlorida Division of Historical Resources2015Seminole Indian History56
Cycles of LifeTime-Life Books1994Social life and customs176
The Way of the WarriorTime-Life Books1993Social life and customs184
A Williamsburg ChristmasDonna C. Sheppard1980Social life and customs78
Chroniclers of Indian LifeStephen Garrison Hyslop,Time-Life Books1996Social Science192
People of the DesertTime-Life Books1993Social Science192
The Woman's WayTime-Life Books1995Social Science184
Winds of RenewalTime-Life Books1996Social Science176
Farming with HorsesSteve Bowers, Marlen Steward2006Technology & Engineering160
The TipiA Center of Native American LifeDavid Yue,Charlotte Yue1984Tipis77
The Trapper's BibleDale Martin1987Trapping72
War for the PlainsTime-Life Books1994Wars192
The Home CabinetmakerWoodworking Techniques, Furniture Building, and Installing Millwork.Monte Burch1981Woodworking543
Realm of the IroquoisTime-Life Books1993Wyandot Indians176Ron Clark02/28/2022
Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Without a CountryKathryn Lasky2002Youth Historical Fiction202
The Colt .45 Auto PistolDesert1978Guns98
The Main Street Pocket Guide to American LongarmsHoward Michael Madaus1983Muzzleloading255
The Art of EngravingJames B. Meek1980Craft196
The Knife in Homespun America and Related ItemsMadison Grant1984Knives187
An Illustrated History of Guns and Small ArmsJoseph G. Rosa1984Guns96
The Pictorial History of the Underhammer GunHerschel C. Logan1960Muzzleloading249
The Kentucky Rifle Hunting PouchMadison Grant1977Frontier and pioneer life207
Rifles of Colonial AmericaGeorge Shumway1980Muzzleloading
The flintlock, its origin and development [Flintlåset, dess uppkomst och utveckling, engl.] Transl. by G[eorge] A[lexander] Urquart [Urquhart]Torsten Lenk,George Alexander Urquhart,John F. Hayward1965Muzzleloading
Great British Gunmakers, 1740-1790William Keith Neal,David Henry Lempriere Black1975Muzzleloading196
Kentucky Rifles & Pistols, 1750-1850Kentucky Rifle Association1976Muzzleloading264
Recreating the American LongrifleWilliam Buchele, George Shumway, Peter Alexander1983Muzzleloading175Richard Holgate08/06[2023
Pennsylvania Longrifles of NoteGeorge Shumway1977Muzzleloading63
The Kentucky RifleMerrill Lindsay1972Muzzleloading101
The New England GunMerrill Lindsay1975Muzzleloading187
Black Powder HandbookLyman Products Corporation1999Muzzleloading239
The Complete Black Powder HandbookSam Fadala1990Muzzleloading320
Fort Meade, 1849-1900Canter Brown1995Florida History214
Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, and HerbsJohn Heinerman1988Medical400
George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behaviour in Company and ConversationGeorge Washington1988American History30
Peace River PioneersLouise K. FrisbieHistory
Sowbelly and SourdoughOriginal Recipes from the Trail Drives and Cow Camps of the 1800sScott Gregory1995Cooking167
The Patriot's ReferenceDocuments, Speeches, and Sermons that Compose the American SoulJoel Miller2013Patriotism335
Who was who in Native American HistoryIndians and Non-Indians from Early Contacts Through 1900Carl Waldman1990Indians of North America410
History of Fort Meade, Florida1849-1960Robert M. White2011History124
A History of Florida FortsFlorida's Lonely OutpostsAlejandro M. De Quesada2006History226
George Washington's Secret SixThe Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution Brian Kilmeade and Don YaegerHistory320
1776America and Britain at WarDavid G. McCullough2006History386
FrontiersmanDaniel Boone and the Making of AmericaMeredith Mason Brown2008Biography & Autobiography427